Exclusive Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair is a personal choice. Though as such there are no health benefits, people prefer to remove unwanted hair to make their skin look attractive, clean and also preventing excess sweating and bad odour. The most commonly used techniques in home or salon are threading, plucking, waxing, shaving (electric or razor), depilatory creams, epilating and electrolysis. These methods provide good results but are usually painful, temporary and there is regular pinch on the pockets for buying these products. The Most popular long-term remedy opted by people now a days is the latest laser treatment. Laser Hair Removal Treatment is one of the advanced and popular methods practiced by dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon to effectively remove the unwanted hair from any area of the patient’s body. It is a procedure where a strong beam of light penetrates the skin pigment to destroy the hair follicle and slow down its future growth. The key principle in the laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis.A variety of machines available are Ruby laser, Intense Pulsed Light laser, Diode laser,Alaxandrite laser, Neodymium lasers etc.

Unwanted hair can be removed from any part of body viz. facial, upper lip, eyebrows, chin, chest, back, hands, under arms, legs, bikini, genital, and pubic area. For effective laser results it’s recommended to stop using conventional methods and sun exposure 3-6 months before taking Laser Hair Removaltreatment.The Practitioner will perform the following steps:
•    Examine the patient’s skin tone and hair types / colours.  Conduct small patch tests for testing sensitivity and reaction.
•    Decides which laser technique method is suitable for the patient.
•    Technician gives the patient appropriate eye protection goggles, applies cold gel / cooling device to protect outer layers of skin. The patient is made ready for the procedure by taking care of all safety measures.
•    Finally the trained practitioner performs the Laser Hair Removal procedure: the equipment will be set / focused according to the colour, thickness, and location of the patient’s hair being treated. Then a pulse of light is emitted to the treatment area. After completion of the procedure the patient may be given cold water, ice packs, anti-inflammatory creams or lotions ease any discomfort. It is advisable that the patient should strictly follow the post treatment care and safety instructions suggested by the practitioner.
•    The Number of sessions required varies from patient to patient depending on their skin and hair nature. Repeat sessions are generally for long-term solutions. The practitioner will decide it accordingly.
The cost of laser procedure mainly depends on three factors: type of method chosen, size of area to be treated and number of sessions. Charges may vary from practitioner to practitioner.
Side effects and Cons:
    Very rare side effects that may occur after treatment are blisters, swelling, acne, redness, itching, skin irritation, scarring, allergy and infection.
    In extreme cases there are changes of hypo- or hyper-pigmentation.
    Changes in body such as pregnancy, hormone imbalance and menopause can cause hair follicles which have been inactive by laser hair removal to reactivate and grow new hair.  
    Accuracy and Safety: Lasers can accurately target unwanted hair on any area of body causing minimal damage to the skin. It is adapted to suit any kind of hair and skin types.
    Minimum pain to the patient compared to other techniques.
    Saves Time: Small body areas can be treated in less than a minute, and large areas may take up to an hour.
    Predictability: This is considered as most convenient and effective method for long term solutions. People experience long-lasting, beautiful results of having permanent hair loss after an average number of sessions.

A Secret To Make Your Hair Look Slicker And Shinier

Don’t we all like to look smarter than the other? Do you know that our hair makes a huge difference in our appearance?

What could we use to get this ‘Unique’ look?

We tend to use various hair products to make our hair look nice. It could be by using various types of gels, waxes, hair creams, hair spray, serums, hair mousse, etc., but if you really like your hair to look slicker and shinier, it’s best to use pomade. We find that the younger generation nowadays is extremely keen on wearing all kinds of modern haircuts. They may say it’s the ‘Angular fringe’ ‘Caesar haircut’ or ‘Slicked Back’ or you name it – they have it. For these hairstyles to be prompt and complete, you need to use THIS substance!

What’s the uniqueness of this hair product?

Over and above all other best hair products this undoubtedly helps keep your hair from drying out, unlike hair spray, gel or a wax. This lasts longer than any other hair product, which itself makes it exclusive and outstanding.

The make

One of the main ingredients of this is ‘bee wax’. This makes it greasier and waxier in nature, which in turn helps retain the slick and shiny look.
How do we use this?

It’s simple;

• Wash your hair promptly and dry it nicely

• Take a little bit of pomade into your palms and spread it evenly

• Apply it all over your hair

• Use a comb or a hair brush and style it accordingly and leave it on

Is it easily removable?

Yes it is. Some may want this to be in their hair even after one wash so that they do not need to use it each time they style their hair. But for some, they might require to wash it out completely and re-apply each time they style their hair. This usually lasts through a few washes. For those who wish to remove same after one use could follow the simple steps;

• Apply some Olive oil or if not any de-greaser you could get hold of. A small quantity of a light dishwasher liquid too could be used for this purpose.

• Rub it thoroughly and smoothly onto your hair till it gets somewhat massaged.

• Wash it out using some warm water.

• After which you may use your usual shampoo or conditioner to wash your hair.

So, choosing the correct stuff for the correct purpose will make us the person we want to become.

Therefore, if one needs the best ‘outlook’, you may need to ‘look out’ for the best!